Sexuality Training and Education Programs

What does FUCH OFFER?

First Unitarian Church of Honolulu offers two programs: one for students (of every age!) and one for those who seeking to gain skills as sexuality educators (facilitators, teachers, and parents and families). These programs work together to provide a complete package of comprehensive sexuality education opportunities.  

Are you a parent or Youth? Take an OWL Class!


ARE YOU a teacher, social worker, or awesome adult with youth in your life? Take an STSE CLASS!

OWL: Our Whole Lives Programs for Students 

Grades K-1  (Starting in January-See below)
Grades 4-6  (HAPPENING NOW Oct 2-Nov 27, 2016!)  
Grades 7-9
Grades 10-12  
Young Adults (ages 18-35)

For detailed information about what makes OWL special,read more about it.  And watch these incredible testimonials these incredible testimonials!


Grades K-1
$100 per family, $25 for Personal Curriculum (optional)
Parents Orientation Sunday Jan.22 12:30pm-4pm
Join us for this dynamic and much-appreciated program.  Parents will attend a Parent Orientation (no kids, childcare provided) prior to the beginning of the class.  After that, youth and parents meet separately, each with a team of trained facilitators.  OWL understands that the best teachers are well-educated and supported parents and parents spend time learning to articulate their own values! 

Wondering if this is right for your family?  No problem!  
Attend Parent Orientations- always held prior to the start of a new OWL series. They are completely FREE and require NO COMMITMENT!  

Contact Nan Kleiber, OWL Chair, to learn about new class series. 

What is taught? 

Our Whole Lives (OWL) values: 
  • Self Worth 
  • Sexual Health
  • Responsibility 
  • Justice and Inclusivity 
In eight 1  1/5‐hour workshops (plus two "pre-meetings"), OWL models and teaches caring, compassion, respect, and justice. It helps children in Grades 4‐1 understand their physical self and how to have a healthy and safe body. Participants explore feelings, families and decision making. The HomeLinks feature opens lines of communication between parents and children. This program is designed for groups comprised of Grades K-1.

Parent Meeting 
Parent/Child Orientation Program 
1. Our Wonderful Bodies
2. Our Wonderful Bodies Pt.2 
3. Healthy Bodies, Safe Bodies
4. Families 
5. Families and Feelings 
6. Babies and Families
7. Birth of a Baby
8. Celebrations!

Owl enrollment form (Select "OWL") 

A couple great testimonial videos!

William Coursey

Leslie Horn/Sarah Duval


STSE: Skills training for sexuality educators

Are you a teacher of sexuality education, a social worker who works with teens, a facilitator for OWL or other high-school age programs, or simply a concerned adult with teens in their life?  This program is for YOU!

STSE brings participants together with their peers and sexuality-education trainers for a unique program emphasizing comprehensive education methods and techniques. Each class's cohort will include Hawaii-based educators who work with a specific age youth.  With this cohort you will learn and practice age-appropriate sexuality education on a broad range of topics related to sexuality. Decision-making and critical thinking skills will be emphasized as part of the lifelong process of sexually healthy, responsible lives. The skills participants gain can be used to enhance most sexuality curriculum currently used in Hawaii, as well as to have ongoing, meaningful conversations with the high-schoolers in your life.  

Program Goals
1. Support leaders in creating a positive and comprehensive life span educational experience.
2. Train facilitators to present knowledge, values, and skills which supports youth in leading sexually healthy, responsible lives. 
3. Empower facilitators to use any curricula in a more open, encouraging, and family-friendly way. 

Facilitators for this Training are the Rev. Catherine Ishida, Ph.D., a Unitarian Universalist minister and astronomer, and Nan Kleiber, Ph.D., retired religious educator, and feminist anthropologist.  Ishida and Kleiber are individually certified as a "Trainer of Trainers" by the UUA/UCC OWL Program.  

Programs may be conducted at YOUR school or organization, or hosted at our church.  Please contact us at for more information. 


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